Parents Responsibilities

POLICY LDSC-002 Dated 2-8-2000 

All members of the Lancaster - Depew Soccer Club are expected to behave in such a manner that their actions reflect positively on the club.

All parents are encouraged to join the Lancaster - Depew Soccer Club

All parents should:

  1. Support your kids, regardless of how they perform on the field.
  2. Offer constructive criticism - after the game.
  3. Pay attention to how your child's team is coached.
  4. Practice with your children.
  5. Show up at the games.
  6. Not yell at the referees or the coaches from the stands or sidelines.
  7. Not put all the focus on winning.
  8. Not verbally criticize the other teams' players, coaches or spectators.
  9. Not try to be a coach
  10. Not ever forget that it's a game.
  11. Refrain from the use of vulgar or obscene language at practice or games.
  12. Refrain from the consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking or chewing tobacco in the presence of their children at practices and games.
  13. Know your children's practice schedule including drop off / pickup times.
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