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In order to further develop the skills of younger LDSC members, we are looking for 7, 8, 9, and 10 year old players (or any age level) that might be interested in playing travel league soccer in the next few years. Travel soccer offers highly competitive games that can enhance a players overall ability and competitiveness. LDSC would like to get those talented players together to start training and developing skills that are more advanced. 

The youngest age group for travel soccer is the 10 year olds also known as 10&Under (often designated as U10). The soccer governing body for our area (Buffalo Western N.Y. Soccer Association) has mandated that no one can be more than two years younger than his or her prospective age group. For instance, an 8 year old cannot play for a U12 team regardless of their ability. This restricts a child who turns 8 yrs old after August 1 from playing travel soccer this year for a U10 team. Although this restriction will prevent some of the under age players from playing in travel league games, it does not restrict them from training with a team to prepare them travel league play when they become eligible. A birth certificate is required to confirm a players age and to register the player at the Buffalo Soccer office. With out this information, a player will not be allowed to play travel soccer.

The fees for travel soccer are typically higher as compared to house league since full uniforms are provided to each player. We are also looking for coaches and asst. coaches to support these soccer prospects. Managers are not required but are nice to have also.

If you are interested in participating in travel league soccer, please print this page and fill out the information below. If you need additional information, please contact our Travel League Coordinator:






City, State, Zip


Phone Number


Email Address


Date of Birth


Parents Names





  For more travel league information especially for coaches, see the Travel Coaches Info Page.


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