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Expectations of each age group player:



Lesson Plans


       U8               U10                U12      


Coach's References

Bad Bear, Around the World


Combination Play


Coaching fullbacks to join the attack

Tips for Practice

Funny Bone & Fetch a Bone

Fun Passing Activities 


1st Attacker

Counter attacking from the midfield

How important is winning

Shariff Says & NYS Thruway

Fun Dribbling Activities  


High Pressure Defending 

Patterns of play for a front three

Player development vs Team performance

Sharks and Minnows & Freeze Tag

Defending in Small Groups


Long Passing 

Playing with split Strikers


Treasure Coin & Pirate's Revenge



Crossing and Finishing 

Improving team shape from the middle

Player's homework footskills

Shariff Says & Traffic Cop

 Dribbling and turning 1

 Combination Play 2

Movement off the Ball

Improving width out of the defense

Running in soccer

Chicken Coop & Red Light Green Light

Dribbling and turning 2

Set up touch

Creating and Exploiting Width


Hit the Dirt & Bull's Eye

 Dribbling 1 v 1

Attitude to Shoot 

 Defensive heading from Crosses





Pressure, Cover Balance


11 v 11 Formations  


Principles of Attack 

Dealing with bouncing Balls 

 Speed of Play

4-3-3 "Brazil"

 A fun warm up

Passing Possession

Principles of Defense

Switching the play 

Goalkeeping Dealing with 1 V 1 Situations 

 4-4-2 Flat "England"


Dribbling for Possession

Creating 1 v 1 opportunities 

 Team shape in a 4 v 4

Goalkeeping Footwork 

4-4-2 Diamond "France"  


Quick and Deceptive Movement

 Support Play

Technical fitness with the ball 

 Goalkeeping - The First Line of Attack

3-4-3 "Netherlands"


Moves to Beat an opponent

Positive and creative dribbling 

 Technical fitness I

Clearing Crosses - Punching

 3-5-2 "Australia" 


Passing receiving and moving

Receiving and turning with the ball 

 Technical ftness II

 Goalkeeper and the back 3



Receiving and turning with the ball






Short Passing


Note: Some lesson plans can be used for various age groups.  Please look at other lesson plans and modify what you need to for your session to be successful
Special thanks to Adrian Parrish of the Kentucky youth Soccer Association, all of his plans are used with his permission.

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