Coaches Responsibilities


POLICY LDSC-001 Dated 2-8-2000 

All members of the Lancaster - Depew Soccer Club are expected to behave in such a manner that their actions reflect positively on the club.

All coaches in the Lancaster - Depew Soccer Club:

a) must be approved by the Board of Directors or a designated Board Member.

b) must be a member in good standing of the Lancaster - Depew Soccer Club

(Travel coaches). All other coaches are encouraged to become members.

c) must attend or send a representative to all scheduled club meetings (Travel coaches only).

d) are responsible for collecting registration forms and fees from all players and submitting these on or before the scheduled filing date.

e) must participate at the annual tournament and picnic (Travel coaches only).

f)   are required to obtain and maintain the certification and licensing required for the level of competition associated with the age group coached.

g)  will hold weekly practices, which provide organized instruction in soccer skills and game strategies appropriate to the level of competition associated with the age group coached (Travel coaches only).

h)  are required to provide all members of their team with the opportunity to play at least one half per game (House league coaches and Travel coaches of U- 12 players and under). All Travel team coaches are encouraged to follow this rule.

i)   are to provide constructive criticism and feedback to their players during practice and games.

j)   will refrain from comments that belittle or degrade players, spectators, or coaches/players from other teams.

k)  will refrain from the use of vulgar or obscene language at practice or games.

l)   will refrain from the consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking or chewing tobacco in the presence of their players at practices and games.

m) will assure that player's parents or spectators do not consume alcoholic beverages while observing practices or games.

n)  who are known to use illegal drugs, substances or perform illegal activities will not be permitted to coach.

o)  should understand that the referee is the final authority in any game and should set the example for their team by showing the referee due respect. It is not acceptable to swear at or strike a referee in any way.

p)  are responsible for the conduct of players and spectators. All fines levied against the team shall be paid by the team and not by the Lancaster -Depew Soccer Club. Exceptions to this rule may be brought before the Lancaster - Depew Soccer Club Board of Directors for their consideration and ruling.

q)  may be denied the opportunity to coach any team sponsored by the Lancaster - Depew Soccer Club if found repeatedly violating the policies in this document.

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