Practice Location Availability (House and Travel)
Updated: April 16, 2015
The Lancaster/Depew Soccer Club has 24 Travel League teams and over 50 House League teams sharing the practice and training facilities at our disposal. That's roughly 900 players at one time, so please be considerate of other club teams as we have a limited number of places to train.
Please keep the following items in mind when you use the fields:
  • Since we are very limited on fields, we need to be smart about their usage. Do not go on the fields when they are wet. If the fields are used when they are wet, they will be damaged for the entire season and we may lose our permits.
  • The younger teams should be able to find any green space for training. There are many 30x40 yard areas throughout Westwood Park and Como Park (see the red circles on the map below).
  • U4/U6 teams do not need a field for training. Please find open green space.
  • Please check the grid below for restrictions on training days.
  • The School District would like us to stay on the soccer fields and designated areas around the soccer fields.
What Field to Use?
  • Travel teams should use their assigned "home" field for all training sessions.
  • House teams can train at any field or open green space. U4/U6 House teams do not need a field and should train on open green space. Older House League teams should train where they play their games. Since the Westwood turf will be in high demand, U10 House League teams may need to find another training area. The availability will depend upon the day/times of your training.
  • The Westwood turf will host House League training on Wednesday, Travel games on Thursday and Friday along with House League games on Saturday. It will also serve as a backup to any games that can't be played because of wet field conditions during the first 2 weeks of May.
Grass Field Permits

For most grass fields, our permits begin on Saturday April 18th. Please see restrictions in the table below. As always, we need to be careful about going on the fields too early. With the long winter and heavy rain in April we need to stay off the fields until they are firm. Our permits specifically state to stay off the fields if they are wet so please use common sense when running training sessions.

If you have additional questions, please contact:
Chuck Donner
Fields Coordinator
Home: 685-2095
Court St Elem SchoolU12 soccer field behind the school or green space near the soccer field.
J.A. Sciole Elem SchoolU10 soccer field behind the school or green space near the soccer field.
Como Lake Park (Erie County)U10 & U12 soccer fields or any available green space. The soccer fields are not available on Wednesday (4-7), Thursday (4-7) or Sunday (1-4) until mid-June because St Mary's Elementary has a permit. Other green space is available.
Westwood ParkAny available soccer fields or green space. Turf field usage must be scheduled to avoid conflicts. Please contact me with requested days/times.
Hillview Elem SchoolU10 & U12 soccer fields and green space around the fields.
Walden Pond ParkFull sized soccer field and green space. - Not available during the Fall (Football)
Lancaster Middle SchoolFlats - Available after June 8th.
Lancaster High SchoolTrack Field - Available after June 15th.
Fireman's Park DepewCan be used for training when nobody has a permit for the field. Games by permit only. There is a decent amount of green space around the field.

Westwood Park Turf Field

Contact me regarding field usage days/times. Your team will be assigned a training area or multiple training areas based upon the age of your team and the demand for the requested day/time.

Como Lake Park - Circled areas represent decent areas for training.

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