Fequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for House

Lancaster Depew Soccer Club runs a Spring session with games from May to late June, a Fall session with games from September to mid October, and an indoor session with games from early November through December (sometimes into January).   
For the Spring and the Fall house league all age groups U10 and under play at Westwood Park on Saturdays.  The  U12's and Teens play on Saturdays at Westwood Park in the Fall and elsewhere (usually Como Park or Court St.) in the Spring.
All age groups play at Sahlens on Saturday for the indoor session.
Normally coaches are informed of the players on their team immediately after registration closes, which is a couple of weeks before the season starts.  Once the coaches have their rosters they should contact the players on their team to set up a practice time and a parent meeting. 
All Players are required to wear shin guards which are fully covered by socks at all games and practices. Players are required to wear a club jersey to all games, and the jerseys can be ordered individually from the club and re-used for multiple sessions. It is recommended that every player have their own ball, and a ball will typically be provided to all players in the fall session.
Accepting Independent Health's FlexFit starting 4/15/09 for online registrations.
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