Tournament Advertising Information:
The following advertising information is available:
  • Advertising Sales Instructions - Statistics about the soccer club and the tournament along with basic instructions on collecting advertisements from local businesses. Each soccer family should have a copy of this page.
  • Advertising Guide (Page 1) - Cover letter to hand to potential advertisers with statistics about the soccer club and tournament, what advertising options are avialable, and prices. A copy should be presented to each potential advertiser.
  • Advertising Guide (Page 2) - A graphical representation of ad sizes and a sample field sign.
  • Advertising Guide (Page 3) - Advertising order form and receipt. For each advertiser, a copy of this form must be filled out unless submitting everything via email. In that case, provide the form information (contact info, AD size, soccer player receiving credit) in your email message.
  • Sample Page (Business card and 1/4 page ads)
  • Sample Page (Team Photo and personal ads)
  • Sample Page (1/4 page ads)
Pay for Advertising (Paypal or Credit Card)

Note: When you click on one of the links listed below, the next page will show a login box for Paypal payments or you can pay by credit card using a link on the bottom left side of the page (near the credit card logos).
Earn Money Toward Lancaster/Depew Soccer Programs
Each player that collects over $200 in advertising will earn a credit toward future Lancaster/Depew Soccer Club programs.
For every dollar over $200, that player will earn a 50% credit toward a Travel, House, or training program offered by the club.
For example, Chris Ronaldo gets his company to buy a full-page AD and collects $250 in advertising.
He earns a credit of $25 toward a future program: $250 - $200 = $50 x 50% = $25
Questions, AD Submissions, Payments - Contact Information
Gary Butcher
25 Plumb Creek Trail
Lancaster, NY 14086
Cell: (716) 628-3927

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