House League Policy for Travel Players

Player Status

A player shall be considered a travel player after the start of their first travel season.
  • In the event that a travel player decides to quit prior to the start of the travel soccer season, they should maintain house player status.

Player Eligibility

Individual travel players are eligible to register and play in the house league.
  • House League focus is on player development and fun. We should support all players who wish to play more and improve their skills.

Player Distribution

Travel boys and girls registered for a house league session should be divided evenly across all teams.
  • New Travel Soccer Players: While new players are not considered full travel players as outlined in "Player Status" above, they are considered high caliber players, and therefore need to be evenly distributed across house teams.
  • Exceptions will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. The ultimate goal is even house, travel, and gender distribution.
  • The U10 Age Group Coordinator, House League Coordinator & Travel League Coordinator will review exceptions and special requests and have final say in player placement for such exceptions.
Travel Team Eligibility
Travel teams are not eligible to register an entire team as a house team. No exceptions.
  • Travel teams may not enter an entire team and "play–up" one age group. The House league will remain focused on player development, not travel team training.
    • New "U8" Travel Team Eligibility:  A New U8 travel team recently accepted into the travel program, which has not begun playing travel soccer, will not be permitted to enter their full team in the House Program.
    • While these new players are not considered travel players as outlined in "Player Status" above, they will be top tier house players, and placing a full  team together may create an unfair advantage.
  • Individual travel players will be permitted to register for the house league.
  • Players will be assigned to various teams and evenly distributed.
Revised: 8-9-2011
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