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Online Sports Association Website Manager & League Membership Management Software. Online Software software is the most complete League Management Software. With all of that functionality, it offers one of the lowest flat fee per year subscriptions. It includes the following League Registration & Scheduling Management functionality:

Club & League Website Portal

Auto publish Stats, Schedules, Standings, Sponsors, Store Items, and Advertisers

The Modular Template Website allows your league administrators to turn on and off modules that auto publish Stats, Standings, Schedules, and Sponsors. The modules can be moved around on your website. The Stats Module allows you select certain stats you want to use to auto publish league leaders or division leaders. The Standings module will rotate through divisions and show you a ranked division standings. The schedule module can auto publish league, division, and team schedules. The Sponsor module will allow administrators to add logo’s, banners, and links for rotating sponsors.

Association Team Builder with Draft Tool

Once the players have completed the registration, you can build your teams by committee or you can hold a draft and build the teams as you go, so that the coaches and managers leave the draft with a printed roster in their hands. The draft tool allows you to sort players by ranking, by school, by town, or by custom field. Once teams are built, you can create a schedule with the built in Scheduling Management system for your Sport Association.

Referee / Umpire Scheduling Manager

Referee / Umpire Availability Online with Referee Portal Login

Once your game schedule is completed, you can assign referee’s to the scheduled games. The referees can then login into the Referee / Umpire Portal to view their schedule. In the Referee Portal, umpires and referee’s can then review their schedule, as well as, enter the times and dates they are available to work games in the Umpire Availability Form. Your league can email the Referees / Umpires with the Broadcast Emailer, which is used by the league to send broadcast emails to your players, parents, volunteers, Coaches, Managers Referees, & Umpires.

Online Sport Registration Membership Software Database

Team, Player, Sports, Tournaments, League & Association

Comprehensive and customizable league registration sports software. The software allows players, parents, and teams to register via your association website. Custom fields can be added so that they can be asked and answered during the registration process. Fees can be based on the answer to these custom fields as well as family and quantity breaks. The online sports registration management system can allow parents to be added to the player and then request to be a coach or volunteer for concession duty or field duty.

Game & Practice Scheduling Manager Online Software

Auto Create Schedules & Auto Publish Schedules to your Association`s Website

Once the players have registered and the teams have been built, the software can automatically create a game or practice schedule for you or you can manually create a game or practice schedule manually using the graphic scheduler. In addition to being available to selected administrators and managers, the sport scheduling management software can automatically publish team schedules to your league website.

Association Website Builder with Content Management System (CMS)

Built in MS Word like Web Editor

Your League administrators can create, edit, and delete web pages with no previous experience or knowledge. Your website would be built using the Modular template which allows league administrators to Auto publish Division Standings, Game Schedules, Scoreboards, League Sponsors, and local Weather. In addition, there is a built in message board that allows administrators to easily get the message out about events and other announcements.

Volunteer Schedule Manager

Online Volunteer Sign Up & Online Volunteer Scheduling Manager

Parents and players can sign up on your website to volunteer for your league, club, organization or association. Once signed up, they go to your website and schedule themselves on your resources (Concession Duty, Field Maintenance, etc.) League Administrators can then review the volunteer schedule and send a broadcast email to them. The volunteer schedule can be edited and maintained by your administrative board members.

League & Club Communication - Email Broadcasts & Text Messaging

By Division, Team, Season, League, Organization

The built in Broadcast Emailer, you can send email to your entire league / club or you can filter by Division, Team, Sport, League, or Season. In addition, you can send an email based on all custom field data that you have added to the league registration. For instance, if your registration process has a question asking which nights a player could practice, you would then be able to email only those players who can practice Thursday night. There are emails tags that make is easy to send email with a registration link in them that when clicked on will automatically look the family / player up and pre populate their information in the registration form (huge time saver & data duplication elimination.) There are other email tags that will send parents their user Id, their password, a payment link, and a password reset link.

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